Learn Photography

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Photography is a lifelong journey—there is always something new to learn and try, whether it is a new subject, a new technique, or just a new perspective.

Everyone has a different starting point and different goals. I will create a custom program to help you achieve your goals. For some that might be a one-time zoom coaching session and for others it could be ongoing in-person lessons. It might even start with some time spent helping you to define your photography goals.

If you are interested in learning in-person or remotely, please reach out to me at josh@weinbergphoto.com and let’s find 30 minutes to see if there is a fit.

Sample Lesson Topics

  • Getting started with your camera (or phone camera)

    • Camera setup

    • Camera settings

  • Getting clear, focused photos

  • Improving composition

    • Thinking about light

    • Thinking about exposure

  • Practice

    • How to take more pictures

    • Developing a daily photography habit

    • Finding subjects to shoot

    • Photo Exercises (technical & creative)

    • Developing good photography habits

  • Understanding and learning from your own photography

    • Understanding the what and why of your photography 

    • How to be more critical about your photography

    • Defining your photography goals

  • Understanding and learning from other’s photography

    • Looking at other photographer’s work

    • Studying the history of photography (technical)

    • Studying the history of photography (art)

  • Developing a photography mindset

  • Developing creativity through photography

  • Organization

    • Basic editing in Lightroom

    • Organization in Lightroom

    • Cleaning up an unorganized digital photo collection

    • Developing a good photography workflow (quickly dealing with your incoming photos & not getting disorganized when your photo collection grows)

  • Getting your photos out of devices and off of screens

    • The importance of seeing your photos as prints

    • Quick and easy ways to make prints

    • Getting your photos framed and onto walls

    • Creating photo books & zines

  • Building an audience for your photography

    • How to create a photo website site

    • Creating a photography-focused Instagram

  • Community

    • The importance of photography communities

    • Finding online photo communities

  • Protecting your photos for the long run (backing up and setting up an automatic backup system)